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The River Church Logo

By: Gabby/Silas Kidder

       The River Church was started in 2005. The first service was on Christmas Eve in 2005. After that there were small groups that met Saturday evenings. There wasn’t a pastor for this church so different pastors would come to preach, which was why they met Saturdays. Then Ben Kidder, who is still the current pastor, came in October of 2006.

Mark Wilson is a senior pastor from Hayward who thought of making this church. There were also some other people that helped from Minong and Gordon. Some of the early important members were Curt and Marilyn Witte, Chuck and Brenda Warner, Chuck and Cindy Corlett, Matt and Barb Peterson, and Barrie and Larrie Bubbs.

Before the River Church was started there were two different churches and a Head Start. One of the churches was a Nazarene church. The River Church is located on County I on Rice Lake Road. The reason the church started was because Minong needed a Wesleyan Church because many people would have to go to Hayward, Superior, or Spooner to go to a Wesleyan church.

Some of the problems for the River Church were dealing with a building that was too small so in 2012 they added on. There was a greeting place, deck, four bathrooms, three closets, a boiler room was added on and the downstairs was rearranged. The River also had problems with navigating culture gaps between local people and new people.

Kidder, Ben. Personal Interview. 6 Apr 2014.

Wilson, Mark. Personal Interview. 10 Apr 2014.

For more information about the New Hope Lutheran Church please click below.








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