Fire/Police Department History

Minong Police Department

By: Syver Gulbrandsen

The Minong Police Department was started in 1975, when the first police chief of Minong started work.  The first police chief’s name was Dale Jones.  Dale was police chief for 3 years from 1975-1978.

Before that, Minong had a police chief, they had a marshall.  The marshall’s name was Marvin Devires.  Marvin wasn’t the only one working in Minong, and they had a constable working with him.  Marvin had a leather baton filled with lead to whip bad guys with.  The Marshall had a pair of handcuffs, a leather baton filled with lead, a gun, and his badge.

These are the items that the earlier police used and wore, a gun, metal badge, police suit, leather baton filled with lead, set of handcuffs, bullets, flashlight, police car, belt, and a police hat.  These are the items that police officers use and wear now,  a gun, metal baton, flashlight, taser, bullets, metal badge, sewed badge on the police uniform, police uniform, belt, radio, and knife. They also wear a back plate and chest plate. Inside the  police car is a rifle, computer, snacks, coffee, and on top is a siren.

The differences of the Minong Police are that now they put their metal badges in their pockets, instead of putting them on their police uniform. They use to have all types of colors for police cars. Now they have black or blue ones, and the police have more protection and weaponry.

These are all the police chiefs of Minong. The first police chief was Dale Jones, 1975-1978, the second was Lee Chambers, 1978-1980, the third was Allen Moyer, 1983-1989, and the fourth was Dan Meyers, 1990-2009.  The chief that is currently working in Minong is Dennis Stuart, who started in 2009.  The police that are working in Minong now, are Dennis, Erik, and Danny.


The Gordon Fire Department

By: Brady Krmpotich

There were a lot of big fires before the Gordon Fire Department was created. There was the 1913 Fire, the Great Forest Fire, the 1936 Forest Fire, and the 1948 Swamp Fire.

The Gordon citizens used wet blankets to stop the 1913 fire from spreading.  Superior brought a fire engine to help put the fire out; a special train moved the fire engine from Superior to Gordon. They pumped water from the Eau Claire River.  By the time that the engine got there, it was hosing ashes so the fire didn’t start again.  The fire still destroyed the Town Hall, Post Office, and a lot of other buildings.  The 1948 Swamp Fire was started by a train spark.  It burned for 40 days and nights and 700 acres were burned.  Gordon, Wascott, Solon Springs, Minong and the Prison Camp helped put it out.  The great forest fire was started by timber slashings.

The Gordon Fire Department was made in 1958.  It was a volunteer fire department.   The first fire chief was Edward Cosgrove.  The first fire truck was a 1958 Dodge.

1958 Dodge Fire Truck                         Gordon Fire Hall burning

The fire department was located next to where the American Legion Post number 499 is now.  Eventually, the department was moved next to the Gordon Garage.  It was moved because there wasn’t enough room for all of the new equipment and fire trucks.  There was an average of 22-25 members in the fire department at one time.  The first building had one pumper, one tanker, one equipment truck and one ambulance.  The second building had two pumpers, two tankers, one equipment truck, and one ambulance.  The second building burned down in 2013.  This building is being rebuilt at the same location.



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Minong Fire Department Auxiliary

By: Kylee Hill

The Minong Auxiliary Spear Heads are a group that brings items like food and drinks to the firefighters when they are trying to stop a house or wild fire for a long period of time.  A member of the fire department activates the Auxiliary when they need any supplies.  The Auxiliary also does a program called Operation Rudolph in December for children.

The Auxiliary was made around thirty years ago when firefighters were fighting a fire for days and they needed someone to bring them food and drinks. The firemen decided to make  the Minong Auxiliary so there would be someone that would always be there if there was a long fire and the firemen needed food and drinks.

The Auxiliary also raises money for equipment for the Fire Department, E.M.Ts and for The Operation Rudolph Program.  They have done a lot of different things to raise money like raffles, garage sales, and have even made a cookbook.  Everyone on the auxiliary brought in recipes from home and put them all together to make a cookbook.   They sold many copies of the cookbook and made a lot of money for fire department equipment.

Normally, family members, or husband/wives of E.M.T.s or firefighters are those who are members of the auxiliary.   The E.M.T or firefighter could also be a member.  The Auxiliary has been around for about 30 years and will probably be around longer.

Kylee - Minong Auxilary - pic 1 Kylee - Minong Auxilary - pic 2


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