Gordon Fire Department Fire

Gordon Fire Department Fire

By: Larse Ausing


In the early afternoon hours of September 19, 2013, a fire broke out in the Gordon Fire Department in Gordon, Wisconsin. Several small explosions were heard coming from the building. The explosions were thought to have come from oxygen tanks and other equipment in the building. The fire was originally thought to be started by a lightning strike, but the storm the lightning came with was proven to have started after the fire. The cause of the fire was unknown.

There was a total loss suffered, including six trucks; two engines, two tenders, and two brush trucks. A snowmobile was also lost in the blaze. The two engines were pulled from the building and had to be extinguished outside. One of the trucks had to have sand dumped on it to extinguish the flames. Although the building was up to date with safety and technology, a sprinkler system was not added to the building. Gordon Fire Chief Mike Chmielecki said, “By the time firefighters arrived, flames were already coming from the building.”  No one was hurt in the fire.

*Information for this article came from the Sawyer County Record and the Duluth News Tribune


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